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Rickety Gin is a short starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit released on December 26, 1927. This is one of several Oswald shorts that are "lost".


Oswald, a cop, woos Ortensia (Sadie), a nurse who wanders into the park. Pete gets Oswald drunk and woos the nurse wearing Oswald's stolen uniform.


The film begins with Oswald, a cop, riding his horse, who is doing a Charlie Chaplin run impersonation. A nurse, Ortensia (known here as Sadie) is walking a baby cat down through the park with a stroller. As Oswald is riding his horse, the horse licks Oswald's face. Oswald slaps his horse, and switches the horses head and tail around to keep the horse from licking his face. The horse sticks his head between his legs and licks Oswald again. Oswald slaps him and then sees the nurse. Oswald walks over and she starts to flirt with him. Oswald uses his horses tail as a lever to lower the horse down to his feet. Oswald gets off and the horse and he does a goofy walk. Oswald asks Sadie if they can take a walk together. She says she can't on a count of the baby. Oswald calls for his horse and tells him to watch over the infant. After the two leave, the baby wakes up and starts to cry. The horse tries to amuse the infant by standing on his head. He gives the baby a bottle, but continues to cry. The horse then gives the baby a hatchet, and the baby stops wailing and starts chopping the stroller. The baby then hits the horse with the hatchet and laughs. Meanwhile, Oswald and Sadie kiss and twist in crazy manners. The horse is singing to the baby who does not like it. The baby puts their hand to their nose (meaning that he does not like the singing). The baby then finally goes back to sleep. The horse starts to sneak away, but then the baby starts to yell again. The horse looks around and then grabs a mallet and hits the infant offscreen. The horse then goes to sleep himself.

Meanwhile, a mechanical blind pigs jaws opens wide and Pete looks out and sees something coming, so he hides back in the robotic pig. A dog character walks by and looks at the blind pig. The blind pig gives him a wink and then its hat flips open to reveal a big bottle of booze, an alcoholic drink. The pigs side rolls up to reveal Pete behind a bar. The dog drinks the substance and breathes out fire. His head twists around and spits. The dog goes off drunk. The dog meets up with his friends and they smell his breath, and runoff in the direction of the blind pig. Each character runs over to Pete and is poured a drink and getting drunk.

Just then, Oswald hides behind trees looking at the incident, running from tree to tree. Oswald smells the booze and yells at the customers. They run off, and Pete disappears back into the pig. A rat is drunk and Oswald kick him off scene. Oswald starts to investigate the blind pig. The top of the pig opens and Oswald is pulled inside of the pig. They begin to fight in the pig and then stops. Pete comes out with Oswald's star, hat and club. He looks over and sees Sadie. Pete throws a kiss to the barrel and walks off. Sadie is tearing pedals off a flower. Pete sneaks up behind her and puts his hands over her eyes, saying "Guess who". Sadie thinks that it is Oswald, she turns around smiling and is then disappointed that it was Pete. He tips his hat. She snubs him by sticking her nose in the air. She flips her skirt and then Pete laughs. Oswald emerges from the pig, but is very drunk. He tries to walk straight but fails to.

Pete tries to get Sadie, who starts to run away, and starts to chase her around in circles. She then steps out of the circle and wipes off her sweat, and then gets back into the circle. Oswald is still drunk and kisses bottles, which changes into a snake, Oswald throws the snake down and then it turns into a dozen snakes. Each time Oswald looks back, they appear to be different animals. Pete is trying to kiss Sadie just when Oswald hops onto the back of Pete to get away from the monsters he is seeing. Pete throws him off and knocks Oswald head off his body. His body chases the head and puts it back on. He can now see that Pete is trying to kiss Sadie. He kicks Pete, who drops Sadie and looks sorely at Oswald. They start fighting and Oswald dodges every attack. Oswald lands on Pete's stomach, knocking his teeth out. Pete looks for his teeth, which start to bite his hand. Oswald smashes the teeth, sending them back into Pete's mouth, smashing his face in and bulging it out the back of his head. Pete pushes the bulge and land face out. Pete lands hard on Oswald's jaw driving him off in distance. Oswald flies through the air like a boomerang and hits Pete, knocking him out. Oswald gets up and Sadie runs over to him. They join hands and hop over hill as iris closes down.




  • This short had two working titles: Whose Hootch and Officer 999, the latter of which was a pun on Officer 666, a popular Broadway comedy.[1]


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