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Sally Margaret Field is an American actress, comedian, director, and producer, best known for her television roles in Gidget, The Flying Nun, The Girl with Something Extra, ER, and Brothers & Sisters. She is also well-known for her roles in various films, including Norma Rae (in which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress), Absence of Malice, Places in the Heart, Steel Magnolias, Not Without My Daughter, Mrs. Doubtfire, Eye for an Eye, The Amazing Spider-Man films (as Aunt May), and Lincoln.

For Disney, she voiced Sassy in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey and its 1996 sequel. In 2008, she provided the voice of Marina Del Rey in The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning. Her other roles include Mary Todd Lincoln in Lincoln, a beatnik girl in Moon Pilot, and a special guest appearance in Mickey's 50. She also directed The Christmas Tree.

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