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Shane Houghton is an American animator, writer, director, producer, editor, storyboard artist, and voice actor. He is known for co-creating Disney's Big City Greens with his brother, Chris Houghton.

Houghton began his career working on short films with the intent to be a filmmaker. After producing and directing numerous short form projects, he fell back into animation and started working on the Nickelodeon series Harvey Beaks with his brother, Chris.

He eventually followed his younger brother over to Disney to help co-develop their big break, Big City Greens, which at the time was called Country Club. Shane primarily does behind the scenes work, but will occasionally provide additional voices on the series. Among the more notable characters include recurring minor character Wholesome Greg, Don, and Blaine in the episode "Animation Abomination", a character who is supposed to serve as a self-parody.


  • His last name is pronounced "HO-TIN"
  • Besides Chris, the Houghtons have another brother named Pete, who is "a creative and wild woodsman who lives in the mountains of West Virginia."[1]
  • Shane is married to a woman who he says works at Nintendo.[2]


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