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Pooh's Heffalump Movie - Lumpy and Roo
Shoulder to Shoulder
Originally performed by
Performer(s) Carly Simon
Length 3:22
Films Pooh's Heffalump Movie
Video games
Albums The Best of Pooh & Heffalumps, Too
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"Shoulder to Shoulder" is a song in the film Pooh's Heffalump Movie. Performed by Carly Simon along with The Heffalump Chorus, the song celebrates the newfound friendship of the characters Roo and Lumpy. In the film, the song is used during a sequence where the two play happily together. Around the middle of the song, Roo "uncaptures" Lumpy, releasing him from the rope that he had placed around him. The song is also the first song heard during the film's closing credits sequence. The song was co-arranged by Joel McNeely and Scott Erickson.


We stand shoulder to shoulder
We see eye to eye
We dive deep under water
We jump high in the sky

We stand shoulder to shoulder
We stand side to side
When one of us gets a tiny bit tired
One gives the other a ride

I've never had a best friend before
So I can't be sure
What it feels like
But I think it feels more like this, I do
I think I feel more like myself
When I'm with you

Finding, finding
Losing and finding
Making, making a bond that is strong
Building, building a house for a friendship
Breathing a breath for our song
For our song