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Slash is the main antagonist of Treasure Planet 2. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Background information
Feature films Treasure Planet 2
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Jeff Bannett
Portrayed by
Voice Jeff Bennett
Performance model
Inspiration Blackbeard

Crazy Hand

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Slash
Occupation Pirate
Goal Kill Flint(Succeed)

Find John Silver

Allies Scroop
Enemies Captain Flint

John Silver

Jim Hawkins

Likes Killing people
Dislikes John Silver

Captain Flint

Powers and abilities
Fate Killed by John Silver


Slash used to work for the notorious Captain Flint. He and his boss had a bad partnership, which eventually led to Flint being killed by him. Slash eventually took up the position as Captain and Flint's crew looking up to him. He also spent the next several years searching for his enemy, Long John Silver.

Appearance and personality[]

Slash has two forms. The most common one is an enormous reptilian being, having the face of a black mamba, a cobra hood and rattlesnake tail. He sports a black jacket with a red claw motif on the pocket. In his battle form, he resembles an enormous wasp with the tail of a scorpion. Slash is a sarcastic, cruel individual. He used to be loyal to his boss and appeared to suck up to him, but in reality he resented Flint and was rather power hungry. Slash is also a very violent and cantankerous character.

Role in the film[]

Slash first appears in a tavern with his goons, playing a game similar to darts. He pulls out a map and tells his lackeys vows to find Long John Silver. One of Slash's thugs Burn-E, suggests they attack Silver. Meanwhile, Silver, Jim Hawkins, B.E.N., Morph and Captain Amelia are on their ship while Slash and his men watch from nearby. The thugs ambush the protagonists from below with Slash as an enormous insect. Long John and Amelia tell Jim that Slash once was part of Captain Flint's crew and had him killed to take over. Slash and his men are later seen discussing how to dispose of Silver and take over his ship too. They disguise themselves as stranded sailors and the heroes let them stay on the ship with them. At the end, Slash and his men reveal themselves and a fight breaks out. In the melee, most of Slash's men die but the others escape. Slash then carries Silver into the air and tells him "So sad. You know, I think I'll let you see Captain Flint when I've finished with you!" Fortunately, Jim intervenes and stabs Slash in the back. The villain yells in agony and is vaporised as the protagonists look on.