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Tetti-Tatti's Sailors are minor characters and Tetti-Tatti's ex-minions (at the end) from Disney's 1946 short the The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At the Met, a segment of the 1946 film Make Mine Music.



Nothing is known about them except they were hired by Tetti-Tatti to try and hunt down Willie to rescue the Opera Singer he apparently swallowed. However, they become so appreciative about his singing that they refuse to kill him, knowing he didn't swallow a singer. Later, Tetti-Tatti manages to break free without them noticing, and when he harpoons Willie, the sailors, enraged and horrified, attack their captain.

Physical Description[]

All three look exactly the same—barrel-chested with a large rounded jaw, shaven head, reddish-brown beards, wearing the typical sailor suits, with the typical buff male triangular body design.