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Oscar: A Pirate Girl Buccaneer Christmas!

(At Pirate Girl Island, the Pirate Girl Buccaneers are busy preparing for Christmas. The island is decorated with colorful streamers, twinkling lights, and a giant Christmas tree made from driftwood. Jake (Mama Hook), Izzy (Red Jessica) Cubby (Beatrice Le Beak), Skully (Winger), Sammy (Nanny Nell and Oscar (Tinker Bell) are all helping out. They are excitedly hanging ornaments, wrapping presents, and baking Christmas treats.)

Jake (Mama Hook): (in Mama Hook's voice) Well girls! Christmas on Pirate Girl Island is going to be the best one yet!

Izzy (Red Jessica): (in Red Jessica's voice) Aye! I can't wait to see the joy on everyone's faces when they see the island all decked out.

Cubby (Beatrice Le Beak): (in Beatrice Le Beak's voice) And the presents! I hope I find a shiny new telescope under the tree this year.

Skully (Winger): (in Winger's voice) Don't forget all the delicious treats we'll be baking. I've got my eye on those gingerbread cookies!

Sammy (Nanny Nell): (in Nanny Nell's voice) And those sugar-coated pineapple slices. They're always a hit!

Oscar (Tinker Bell): I think our Christmas tree is the most impressive sight of all. Nothing beats a tree made from driftwood!

Jake (Mama Hook): (in Mama Hook's voice) That's right, Tink. The Pirate Girl Buccaneers always find creative ways to celebrate. Now, let's finish decorating so we can enjoy the festivities.

(the girls work together to hang baubles, string lights, and put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree. The tree sparkles with tiny seashells, colorful ribbons, and handcrafted ornaments.)

Izzy (Red Jessica): (in Red Jessica's voice) Look how beautiful it is, sis! The island has never looked so festive.

Cubby (Beatrice Le Beak): (in Beatrice Le Beak's voice) I know! Now, it's time to wrap up the presents for everyone. We wouldn't want Santa to forget Pirate Girl Island!

Sammy (Nanny Nell): (in Nanny Nell's voice) I'll make sure the toy chest is filled to the brim with surprises. Everybody deserves a special gift on Christmas!

Oscar (Tinker Bell): And I'll sprinkle a little pixie dust on the island to make the night magical. Tinker Bell would be proud!

Jake (Mama Hook): (in Mama Hook's voice) Thank you, me hearties, for all your help. Christmas is a time of giving, and your hard work is going to make this holiday unforgettable.

(The sisters smile proudly, knowing they have contributed to the joy and excitement of the Pirate Girl Buccaneers. As the sun sets, leaving streaks of pinks and oranges in the sky, Pirate Girl Island glows with warmth and anticipation for Christmas.)


(The scene does a pixie dust transition to the North Pole, where Santa's Workshop is bustling with activity. Elves are scurrying around, working diligently on toys in a flurry of excitement. Jolly Christmas music fills the air, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Santa Claus himself, dressed in his iconic red suit, is overseeing everything with a twinkle in his eye.)

Santa approaches a large table where a group of elves are meticulously assembling a sleigh. He examines their work, nodding approvingly.

Santa: Well done, my friends! This sleigh is looking splendid. We're going to make this the most magical Christmas ever!

Elves (in unison): Thank you, Santa! We're giving it our all!

(Suddenly, a mischievous elf named Jasper pops up, holding a wand with a mischievous grin.)

Jasper: Heyyy, Santa! I've got an idea! How about we sprinkle some extra special pixie dust on the sleigh? It'll make it faster than ever before!

(Santa chuckles, knowing Jasper's penchant for mischief but also his knack for bringing excitement to the workshop.)

Santa: Oh, Jasper! Your enthusiasm is always infectious! But we must ensure that the sleigh remains safe and reliable for the night's journey. We want a smooth ride for our dear reindeer.

(Jasper's shoulders droop just slightly, his mischievous grin now resembling a pout.)

Jasper: Aww, come on, Santa! You know it would be really cool!

(Santa pats Jasper on the back, a warm smile on his face.)

Santa: Jasper, my friend, I appreciate your creativity, but we always prioritize the reindeer's safety and the successful delivery of gifts. How about you come up with another way to add some extra magic to the night? I bet you have some wonderful ideas up your sleeve.

(Jasper's eyes light up, his disappointment quickly vanishing.)

Jasper: You're right, Santa! I'll think of something fantastic that will make this Christmas unforgettable!

(Santa nods, the twinkle in his eye growing brighter.)

Santa: I have no doubt that you will, Jasper. Remember, it's the spirit of Christmas that truly makes the magic happen. So keep that sparkle in your heart and spread joy wherever you go!

(Jasper salutes Santa, his mischievousness replaced with determination.)

Jasper: Yes, Santa! I'll make sure this Christmas is the most magical one yet!

(As Santa watches Jasper walk away, he smiles, knowing that the mischievous elf will find a way to add his special touch and make the holiday season even more extraordinary. With a hearty laugh, Santa immerses himself in the joyful chaos of the workshop, ready to spread the spirit of Christmas to children all over the world.)

(Then all of a sudden, Santa crashes into the snow, and runs all the way back to the North Pole, to send presents to all the good boys and girls.)

Santa: Ho Ho no! My sleigh! How am I ever gonna get my toys to every child?!

Hero: Ho, Ho, Ho. You’ve been naughty this year, but have not I? Take these toys and run! I’ll catch up with you at the mall.

Santa: Ho, Ho, Ho. Run? I

(Meanwhile, the Pirate Girl Buccaneers watch the radar screen in case Santa comes, then the alarm starts blaring, then girls start to get confused.)

Jake (Mama Hook): (in Mama Hook's voice) What happened to Santa?

(Then, their cellphones start ringing)

Izzy (Red Jessica): (in Red Jessica's voice) Who could that be, Mama Hook?

Jake (Mama Hook): (in Mama Hook's voice) Not sure, but someone is calling. (they take out their cellphones and start to call for help) Hello?

(They look up from their phone and an elderly woman "teleports" right in front of them)

Santa: Ho, Ho, Ho! Hello there, girls!

Skully (Winger): (in Winger's voice) Santa? Is it really you?

Santa: Yes it is me! I am trying to get to St. John's and I have not gotten here.

Mrs. Claus: I am sorry, I left you some wonderful toys, why don't you put them away for me? Santa: I got distracted and made too many presents. What do we do?



(Suddenly, they see a famillar figure, it was Santa Claus)

Izzy (Red Jessica): (in Red Jessica's voice) Santa? Is that you?

Santa: Ho ho ho! Yes, it's me, Santa Claus! How can I help you, girls?

( But this time when he looks up a little boy with a helmet and a scooter/flicker teleports in right in front of the person in the same fashion as the last one. )


The Pirate Girl Buccaneers: Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!