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"The Barn Dance" is the episode of The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.


Donald picks up Daisy to go to a barn dance. Pete attempts to impress Daisy, but Donald keeps messing up, and in the end, after Donald uses a balloon to try to get Daisy's attention, Daisy leaves Donald for Pete.

Cast and Characters[]


  • The first and only appearance of Donald Duck and Daisy Duck replace Mickey and Minnie's roles from the original 1929 short.
  • This is the first episode where Mickey didn't appear at all
  • This short is notable for featuring Donald turned down by Daisy in favor of Pete.
  • This short saw an unusual change of Pete's personality in this short; he is usually depicted as a menacing villain, but here he is portrayed as a well-mannered gentleman.
  • In addition, Donald was not depicted as a hero but as a rather ineffective young suitor. In his sadness and crying over his failure, Donald appears unusually emotional and vulnerable.
  • When Donald's feet grow bigger as he dances with Daisy, it serves as a metaphor for Donald as a terrible dancer.
  • This short is the fourth produced but second released.