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(fades to black)

(fades to farm with a green barn)

(camera rotating slowly around to the front of the barn and stops, slowly zooming into the front of the barn, fades to the inside of the barn, zooming in slowly to a telephone, which turns out to be a hotline)

(camera stops when the hotline starts ringing, cuts to Brilliant Bull taking a bubble bath in a metal bathtub)

Brilliant Bull: (notices the hotline, quickly gets out of the tub, quickly wraps a towel around his waist, his legs take a quick shuffle, flies to the hotline, picks up the hotline’s receiver and puts it up to his left ear)

Hello, Barnyard Hero Brigade, this is Brilliant Bull speaking.

Woman on phone: Brilliant Bull, this is urgent. We need your help.

(cuts to the outside of the barn with Brilliant Bull flying away and out of sight)

(cuts to city where Brilliant Bull approaches and passes by while flying)

Brilliant Bull: (leaping some buildings in single bounds)

(flying over a billboard with an attractive cow in the picture, Brilliant Bull does a 'wolf whistle' at the cow on the billboard while continuing to fly)

Brilliant Bull: Okay, where are you, lady?

Woman: (offscreen) Down here at the entrance of this building!

Brilliant Bull: (starts flying down towards the entrance of the building) Just hang tight there! Here I come!

(skids to stop on air with a shocked reaction)

(cuts to Damian Deer beginning to laugh hysterically)

Brilliant Bull: Damian Deer?

Damian Deer: (laughing continuously)

Brilliant Bull: Were you the fake woman who called me this whole time?

Damian Deer: Yes, it was me, Brilliant Bull. I practiced calling you in distress, but I'm not really in distress. So, I played a prank on you to make you to think I was a woman in distress, which I actually wasn't.

(laughing hysterically)

Brilliant Bull: (angrily) Damian Deer, that is not funny. That was a bad prank you played on me. In case you have forgotten, the hotline is for emergency purposes only, not for playing any emergency pranks.

Damian Deer: (sadly) Aw, I'm sorry, Brilliant Bull. I'm really very sorry.

(starts crying)

Brilliant Bull: (softly) Aww, Damian, I can't stay angry with you any longer. (patting Damian on the back to comfort him while he continues crying) There, there. Don't take it so hard, Damian. I forgive you.

Damian Deer: You do?

Brilliant Bull: Sure, I do, Damian. Cheer up. Now remember, the hotline is for real emergencies, not fake emergencies.

Damian Deer: (cheering up and smiles) Okay.

("Disney Presents" quickly zooms into the center of the background and zooms in slowly)

("Disney Presents" zooms back and disappears)

("The Barnyard Hero Brigade" quickly zooms into the center and zooms in slowly)

("The Barnyard Hero Brigade" zooms back and disappears)

("Coming to the Rescue Spring 2024" quickly zooms into the center and zooms in slowly with the name of "The Barnyard Hero Brigade" website appearing at the bottom)

(fades to black)

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