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The New Adventures of Jenny Foxworth was in a television show is based on Oliver and Company. and producer by Walt Disney Television that features this show Jenny Foxworth from Oliver and Company features the segments Shnookums and Meat and Ludwig Von Drake and the All-Star Cast appear as supportion characters.


Jenny Foxworth[]

Jenny Foxworth is an Cute Red Hair Girl in New York City (voiced by Kate Soucie). But Hangs Out in School in this segments, Kevin the Cool Kid in School (voiced by Malachi Pearson). and they Mean Girls from School Debie (voiced by Sherry Lynn). and the Geek and Lucy (voiced by Debi Derryberry and Miriam Flynn).

Ludwig Von Drake[]

Ludwig Von Drake is an start in second segments (voiced by Corey Burton). He's Only Creator Gadgets and Others But Mother to see it the Von Drake Mother-O-Matic.

Shnookums and Meat[]

Shnookums and Meat was a third segments on this show. This segments involtes cat named Shnookums (voiced by Jason Marsden) and a dog named Meat (voiced by Frank Welker). who did not not get along very well. Their owners are unseen stock character only viewed from the neck down and named (appropriately enough) Husband and Wife (voiced by Steve Markall and Tress MacNeille). Husband is always referring to their home as their "domicile" before two leave their pets in charge while they are away.


  1. New Boy in School / LVD: New Cretorions / Jenny Needs a Time
  2. Lost in New York / LVD: Cretors in New Future / in Big Time Apple
  3. Strikes Again / LVD: A Mother-O-Matic / Sleep Tight Jenny
  4. First Date / LVD: My Mother Has No Dreams / School Dance Contest
  5. Jenny's First Kiss / S&M: Weight for Me! / The First Games
  6. Jenny's New Life in New York / S&M: Ow Hey! / Debie for a Challenge
  7. Halloween / S&M: Bugging Out / Never Been Scared
  8. Jenny's First Born / S&M: Poodle Panic / Trip to The New York Zoo
  9. Debie Strikes Back / S&M: Cabin Fever / Jenny's Party
  10. Teacher's Take a Time-Off / S&M: Pain in the Brain / A Gift from Jenny
  11. Jenny's First Day-Off / S&M: Step-Ladder to Heaven / First Blow-Off
  12. A New Race Champ / S&M: What a Turkey! / Have a Winner
  13. Christmas Part 1 / LVD: Hoilday Sprited / Christmas Part 2

Voice Cast[]