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The Rescuers III: The Last Frontier is the third instalment to The Rescuers Down Under and The Rescuers.

Written and Directed by IronDude95.


(Main Side Characters)

(Background Characters)

(Opening Scene Characters)

  • Krebbs
  • Other animals in McLeach's cage room
  • Australian Rangers


Cody and his Mother take a trip to Alaska and when they arrive Cody would meet Penny and when taking a tour around Alaska they would be kidnapped by Madame Medusa who wants revenge on Penny and is looking for the diamond in Alaska located under Medusa's ice castle and a Penny sends a letter to a mouse to send a message to the Rescue Aid Society and the Chairmouse sends Bernard and Bianca to go to Alaska but they didn't show up to the meeting at the Rescue Aid Society but they are at their wedding and they get and go back to the Rescue Aid Society and go back to Albatross Air to get a flight to Alaska from Wilbur and they take off to Alaska and land at Lake Hood Seaplane Base and meet Adam the Alaskan mouse of the Rescue Aid Society and Jake joins to go save Cody and Penny.


After the release of Rescues Down Under Disney was planning on making a third Rescues film, but after the death of John Candy in 1994 and Eva Gabor in 1995 this and all future Rescues projects were cancelled. But when Down Under was gaining a fan base I decided to make this fanon.


The score will be composed once again by Bruce Broughton and he'll use the original theme of Rescuers Down Under which you can hear in Message Montage (Alternate) in the 2016 complete soundtrack, the only returning themes are Cody's theme, Bernard and Bianca's Theme, Medusa's theme, Rescue Aid Society, and on some rare occasions the theme of Down Under would appear.