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The following is a transcript for the second segment of the upcoming and first episode of Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures in the upcoming fourth season.

[knock on door]

Princess Olivia: [opens door]

Why, hello, there, ladies who we haven't seen in a while.

Minnie, Daisy, Clarabelle, Cuckoo Loca, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Clara, Pete, and Hilda: [bow to Princess Olivia]

Minnie Mouse: Greetings, Your Highness.

Hello, Wilhelmina. Hello, Prince.

Everyone, this is Princess Olivia, Wilhelmina and Prince.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Clara, Pete, and Hilda: Greetings, and salutations.

Wilhelmina: Hello, everyone.

Prince: [barks to say "hello"]

Clarabelle Cow: Hello, Prince.

Prince: [licks Clarabelle in the face happily]

Clarabelle Cow: [chuckles]

That tickles.

Princess Olivia: So, you must be Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse: Yeah. I sure am.

Princess Olivia: And you're Donald Duck.

Donald Duck: Uh-huh.

Princess Olivia: I know. You're Hilda Hippo.

Hilda Hippo: [chuckling]

Yeah. That's right.

Princess Olivia: You must be Clara Cuck.

Clara Cluck: [clucking and nodding in agreement]

Princess Olivia: And you must be Pete.

Pete: I most certainly am.

Princess Olivia: Nice to meet you.

Minnie, Daisy, Clarabelle, and Goofy told us about you all.

Welcome to Royalandia.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Clara, Pete, and Hilda: Thank you, Your Highness.

Princess Olivia: You're all very welcome.

And please, no need for you to be so formal all the time.

You can call me "Olivia."

Mickey Mouse: Oh, okay, Olivia.

Princess Olivia: Now let's have a tour of this castle.

Donald Duck: Thanks for the tour of the castle, Olivia.

Princess Olivia: My pleasure.

Princess Olivia: Clarabelle Cow, why don't you tell the story about how I became a princess in Royalandia and Wilhelmina and I can tell some parts too.

Clarabelle Cow: With pleasure, Olivia.

While Minnie, Daisy, Cuckoo Loca and I were visiting Royalandia for the first time, we had a tour with Olivia.

[flashback from "Princess Clarabelle!" begins]

According to legend, long ago, the last Princess of Royalandia hid her Diamond Scepter in a secret place for the next princess to find.

Many have searched for the scepter, but none have found it, because the scepter will only reveal itself to the true princess.

Clarabelle Cow: Oh! Wouldn't it be wonderful to discover you’re a princess?

Olivia: Oh, it would be wonderful for Royalandia.

Clarabelle Cow: Gather round!

Selfie time!

Say cheesy banana bread!

[rear end presses button]

Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse: Cheesy banana bread!

Clarabelle Cow: Ooh!

Clarabelle Cow: Do you think the scepter could be in here?

[Clarabelle Cow’s phone clicks]

Olivia: [presses button that glows blue]

Oh! I think I felt this stone move!

Clarabelle Cow: Oh! You did!

Olivia: We're free!

[glowing scepter falls and clanks]

Clarabelle Cow: Hey!

Where did this come from?

Daisy Duck: Wow!

Minnie Mouse: Clarabelle, what's that?

Olivia: [gasp] The Royal Diamond Scepter!

Clarabelle, the scepter revealed itself to you!

That means you are the new Princess of Royalandia!

Clarabelle Cow: Moo-moo-moo-moo-m-m-m-me?!

The Princess?!

Olivia: Welcome to your new home, Princess Clarabelle.

Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Clarabelle Cow and Cuckoo Loca: Oooh!

Clarabelle Cow: You mean I get to live here?

Wilhelmina: Your Highness!

I am Wilhemina, the Royal Courtier.

All of us who used to work at the castle came as soon as we heard the news.

Wilhelmina: [opens wardrobe that reveals dresses]

This, Your Highness, is your royal wardrobe.

Filled with gowns and goodies for all your fancy parties.

Prince: [growling]

Daisy Duck: Uh, what's your problem, poochie?

That is the royal pet, Prince, and those are his doggie treats.

Daisy Duck: Um...

Prince: [growling]

Daisy Duck: [hands Olivia doggie treat]

Prince: [slurps, barks]

Olivia: [chuckles] Aww.

There's my good boy.

Cuckoo Loca: Wow! She has got quite the touch.

Wilhelmina: Well, there's much to do for the coronation tomorrow, so I must go.

Olivia: Your Highness, I'm so excited for your coronation tomorrow.

Good night.

Minnie Mouse: Good night, Princess Clarabelle.

Cuckoo Loca: Nighty night!

Clarabelle Cow: [sighs]

Imagine! Me, a princess.

Oh! I want to get a picture.

[takes out her cowbell phone]

[presses button that beeps]

Oh, milk bottles, I pressed the wrong button.

Hmm, what's this?

[looks at picture]

Why, that's Olivia.

She's touching the stone and making it glow!

[gasp] And there's the scepter!

Oh! It's just like the legend said.

The scepter will only reveal itself to the true princess.

But I'm not the true princess.

Olivia is!

Oh, dear.

Oh! What am I gonna do?

They planned a big ceremony and everything.

Oh, this is not good.

This is not good at all.

Mickey Mouse: Aw, gee, Clarabelle, everyone, including you thought you were the true princess at first because you didn't know that Olivia was the true princess because she didn't know that she found the scepter first?

Clarabelle Cow: That's right, Mickey.

I was so worried about how I could clear the misunderstanding that I couldn't sleep that night.

Clarabelle Cow: Oh, what should I do?

I couldn't even sleep last night.

[knock on door]

Minnie Mouse: Good morning, Princess Clarabelle.

[opens door]

Time to get ready for your coronation today.

Clarabelle Cow: Aah! I'm not the princess!

Daisy Duck: But you found the Royal Diamond Scepter, remember?

Clarabelle Cow: Oh, no! No, that wasn't me!

I'm not really the princess!

The real princess is...

Olivia: Good morning, Princess Clarabelle.

Happy Coronation Day.

Wilhelmina: This dress should fit much better.

Now, let's get you dressed.

Clarabelle Cow: Oh, Olivia!

There's something I must tell you!

Olivia: I'm sorry, Your Highness, but we are in a hurry.

Can you tell me once you're dressed?

Clarabelle Cow: No! I have to--

Oh! It is a pretty dress, isn't it?

Cuckoo Loca: I think the princess has a case of the royal jitters.

Clarabelle Cow: No! No, it's not that! I--

Olivia: I know it's a big responsibility, Clarabelle, but I have faith in you.

We all do.

I'll see you downstairs once you're ready.

Come on, girls. Follow me.

Clarabelle Cow: Oh! No, wait!

Oh, no, no, no, wait! I--

Olivia: I almost forgot, Your Highness.

Your speech for after you're crowned.

Clarabelle Cow: Uh, I can't give a speech!

Olivia: Don't worry. I wrote it for you.

The people of Royalandia just want to know that you'll be the best princess you can be.

Clarabelle Cow: I have to tell you something.

Wilhelmina: Time to go, Your Highness.

Clarabelle Cow: But wait! Wait!


[doors open]

Crowd: [cheering]

Clarabelle Cow: That's for me? But--

Wilhelmina: I am pleased to introduce Princess Clarabelle.

Clarabelle Cow: [walks backwards]

Wilhelmina, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Prince: [look at Clarabelle Cow confusedly]

Crowd: [gasps]

Man in crowd: Hmm?

Wilhelmina: [runs behind Clarabelle Cow]

Come, come, Princess.

Clarabelle Cow: Olivia!

I'm not the princess!

You are!

Olivia: What? I can't hear you, Princess Clarabelle!

[regal music]

Wilhelmina: [pushes Clarabelle Cow near royal chair]

Crowd: [cheering]

Clarabelle Cow: Oh, dear!

[unhappily sits down in royal chair]

Wilhelmina: [gets crown from the top of Prince’s back]

Goofy: Gawrsh, Clarabelle, did you get crowned?

Clarabelle Cow: Just let me continue.

I was just about to get crowned when Wilhelmina came close to me.

Wilhelmina:To the people of this great land, I hereby proclaim the Princess of Royalandia to be Princess Clar--

Huh! Prince--Prince--Hold on.


Clarabelle Cow: No! I can't!

[crown rises up in the air after Clarabelle Cow’s shoulders bump into Wilhelmina’s hands that make the crown go up]

Crowd: [gasps]

[crown falling down]

Daisy Duck: [gasps]

[pupils in her eyes turning into crowns]


Daisy Duck: Ooh!


[crown continues falling down]

Daisy Duck: [holding out her hat to prepare to catch the crown]

Prince: [jumps over Daisy Duck and catches crown on his back]


Crowd: [gasps]

Daisy Duck: Aw, bummer!

Clarabelle Cow: Oh, dear!

Minnie Mouse: Princess Clarabelle, what's wrong?

Clarabelle Cow: Minnie, I'm not the true princess.

I'm just plain old Clarabelle.

Crowd: [gasping]

Clarabelle Cow: But I know who the real princess is!


Crowd: [gasps]

[holds up her cowbell phone and shows picture on big screens]

Olivia and Wilhelmina: [looking amazed to see picture]

Olivia: Me?

Wilhelmina: And so it is!

Legend says the scepter will only reveal itself to the true princess.

Olivia: And it revealed itself to...me.

Clarabelle Cow: This belongs to you, Olivia.

I mean Princess Olivia.

Minnie Mouse, Cuckoo Loca, Daisy Duck and Wilhelmina: [gasp]

Clarabelle Cow: [smiles and blinks]

Minnie Mouse, Cuckoo Loca and Daisy Duck: [smiling]

Daisy Duck: [zooms away]

[holds up a dress]

Prince: [pushes dress divider and makes it fold in front of Daisy Duck and Olivia]

Cuckoo Loca: It’s time for the Happy Helpers.

Wilhelmina: [makes some adjustments behind dress divider]

[dress divider rolls away]

Crowd: [cheering]

[oohing and ahhing]

Prince: [barks]

Wilhelmina: [gets crown from the top of Prince’s back]

I hereby proclaim the Princess of Royalandia to be Princess Olivia.

[trumpet fanfare]

Olivia: Dear people of Royalandia, today I am your princess, but I am also one of you.

Together we shall work and build Royalandia into the wonderful, beloved kingdom it once was.

Crowd: [cheering]

Minnie Mouse: Clarabelle, I'm so proud of you.

I know it wasn't easy to give up being a princess.

Daisy Duck: So that's what you were trying to tell us, that you discovered Olivia was the princess.

Clarabelle Cow: Yes, and when you think about it, Olivia's the obvious choice.

She's so kind and smart and a natural leader, who cares about the people of Royalandia.

Daisy Duck: Well, let's celebrate.

Clarabelle Cow:: And everyone felt bad because they didn't listen to me should have at first.

Right, ladies?

Princess Olivia and Wilhelmina: That's right, we were too excited to listen at first.


Clarabelle Cow: [walking towards Princess Olivia]

Princess Olivia?

Princess Olivia: Please. No need to be so formal constantly.

Call me "Olivia."

Oh, okay.

Clarabelle Cow: Olivia?

Princess Olivia:  Yes, Clarabelle.

Clarabelle Cow: I'm glad you all know that I was a fake princess because you have been the real princess, don't you?

Princess Olivia: Yes, we do, Clarabelle. Why didn’t you tell me I was the real princess in the first place?

Wilhelmina: So that's what you were trying to tell us, that you discovered that Olivia was the real princess because we didn’t give you a chance to tell us that because of this hurry.

Clarabelle Cow: Yes, that's what I tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen immediately like you should have.

Clarabelle Cow: Wilhelmina, I'm sorry I had to duck to avoid letting you crown me and to stop you from doing that.

Wilhelmina: Oh, no. Don't be sorry for those.

They were actually good and smart things you did because you weren’t a princess.

But when you stood up to stop, your back bumped into my arms to make me throw the crown.

Clarabelle Cow: Oh, I didn't mean to because I wasn't paying attention, Wilhelmina.

I'm sorry.

Wilhelmina: Aw, that's okay, Clarabelle. You’re forgiven and I understand and know that you didn't mean to do that.

And I'm sorry I almost crowned you.

Princess Olivia: It's not your fault that we thought you were a princess. It's my fault and I'm sorry and we're all very sorry for the misunderstanding about you being a fake princess by not listening to you and for rushing you.

Aren't we?

Minnie, Daisy, Cuckoo Loca, and Wilhelmina: Yes. We're all very sorry, Clarabelle.

Clarabelle Cow: Aw, that's okay. All is forgiven.

But please don't let it happen again in the future.

Princess Olivia: Okay. We won't.

After the coronation was over, I put my other clothes back on and we were saying our goodbyes.

Princess Olivia: Come back soon!

Thanks for letting us visit, all of you.

And thank you for letting me tell you that I was not a princess.

Princess Olivia: You’re welcome, Clarabelle.

And thank you for clearing that misunderstanding too.

Clarabelle Cow: You're welcome too.

Well, goodbye.

Minnie, Daisy and Cuckoo Loca: Goodbye!

Princess Olivia and Wilhelmina: Goodbye!

Prince: [barks]

Clarabelle Cow: And that's how Olivia became the princess of Royalandia.

Mickey Mouse: Wow. That was a good story, Clarabelle.

Clarabelle Cow: Why, thank you, Mickey.

Mickey Mouse: You're welcome.

Goofy: Gawrsh! I love happy endings.


[all laughing]

They Might Be Giants: (spoken) Surprise!

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