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This is a Disney movie about a bee Maya

Legend of maya the bee poster

The legend of maya the bee



Maya: the bee who was rise by ants

Cassandra: The bee elder and one of the survivors of the hive.

Lisa: Maya's best friend

Anna: Maya's mother

Gerald Pants: Gerald of the nest

Flip grasshopper: the narrator of the story

Shadow: The monster who destroy Maya's Hive.

Beldam: The witch who control Shadow.

The Wasps: Shadow's goons and a trio of dump Bugs.

side characters[]

Hunk: leader of the Hornet tribe.

String: son of hunk.

Rant: Maya's little brother

Strike: bully of Maya

Arnie: A clumsy ant soldier.

Barny: Another clumsy ant soldier.

Butcher: A sweet mother scorpion.

Claw: A baby scorpion boy.

Shock: Another baby scorpion boy.

Bash: A baby scorpion girl.

Lighting: Another baby scorpion girl.


Maya was born to a family of ants. She been made fun of Strike with the title "dump-ant" that made sad. But when she meet the bee survivors, and monster name Shadow Maya must stop him, and find out about herself.


This is a musical so here are the songs.

  • Maya the bee remastered sung by Flip Grasshopper
  • What kind of bug am I Sung by Maya (younger)
  • Follow your heart sung by Anna
  • Bee yourself sung by Flip and Maya (older)
  • Time to believe sung by Gerald Pants
  • What kind of bug are you Sung by Maya (older) and the Beldam (the final battle)
  • Bee myself sung by Maya the bee (finale)
  • Maya the bee remix sung by Squigglydigg (credits)

Voice actors[]

Tara Strong as Maya the bee (older)

Bebe Rexha as Maya the bee (younger)

Bebe Rexha as Lisa (younger)

Wanda Sykes as Lisa (older)

Janelle as Cassandra

Will Ferrell as Flip Grasshopper

Kelly Clarkson as Anna

Pitbull as Gerald pants

Will Smith as Rant

CG5 as Blade

Anna Kendrick as Twister

Dagames as Tornado

Justin Timberlake as Swift

Weird al as Hunk

nick wilds as sting



Prologue: the beginning[]

Maya theme song comes on

Flip jumps up and down singing.

Flip: Why hello there, My name is Flip the grasshopper.

Flip continue jumping and singing as he go through a window.

Flip: every story get record here the Chamber of life, some are big, some are happy, some are sad, and some are just small. But that doesn't mean they have an epic tale. This Maya the bee's story want to hear it?

The book opens up and show a hive.

Flip(telling the story): once upon a time there is a hive, in every hive there are busy buzzing bees. on every spring the queen lad new eggs that have little bee they inside pens know as Larvaes. But nothing can last forever, The evil Beldam attack the hive killing all the bees. The hive is destroyed and all the bees in it are gone. But there is one surviving Larva that cry everyday. One day some ants came in salvaging the hive from food. One of the ants heard crying she went to find out where it's coming from. She found a larva that held a baby bee. She name her Maya and took her in her nest. This was the beginning.

Act 1: Maya's adventure begins.[]

Toddler Maya walks up to ant mother.

Maya(younger): Hey mom, I going to help outside to see my friend.

Anna: Ok Maya, but watch out for Frogs and Spider webs.

Maya runs outside

Maya: I'll Be fine!

Maya crawl out side of the hole out to Poppy meadow

Maya: Lisa, where are you, I wanna play with you!

Lisa jump on a leaf.

Lisa: Here Maya!

Maya: There you are.

Maya run to Lisa and climb up the stem tiredly

Lisa: Why don't you fly, you have wings.

Maya: My mother never teach me yet.

???: Oh look the Dumb Ant wants to fly!

Maya turns around to see her old Bully.

Maya: oh great Strike.

Strike: You just a baby bug, and weird ant who think you can fly!

Lisa: Stop it Strike! Maya believes in herself unlike you who doubts!

Strike: Shut up Lisa! Chomp, Bash get her!

Chomp, and Bash grab Lisa.

Maya: Stop it you jerks!

Strike: Oh yeah what are you going to do about it?

Maya got really angry seeing Lisa being bull by Strike's friends.

Maya: I said stop it!

Maya blow blue fire and Strike got toasted.

Lisa: Maya did you just...

Chomp, and Bash drop Lisa and fly to Strike.

Chomp: Strike are you ok?!

Strike: No time guys we gonna get out of here! I deal with you two later!

Strike and his friends fly off away From Maya and Lisa.