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Time to Meat Our Match
Time to Meat Our Match Title
Film information
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Release Date(s): 2024
Country: United States Flag of the United States
Language: English
Rated: MPAA G
Preceded by: The Mystery Mutt-chine
The Barnyard Hero Brigade 2
Followed by: The Barnyard Hero Brigade Goes Hollywood

Time to Meat Our Match is an upcoming animated Disney+ original short film in the Barnyard Hero Brigade franchise.


The Barnyard Hero Brigade enters a honey contest at the fair to judge which flavor wins and evil villain gets jealous and turns everything at the fair into meat.


It is a wonderful spring Friday afternoon in Rubyswell, Wisconsin. Most of the Barnyard Hero Brigade tries to think of something fun to do for the weekend.

Just then, Mystery Mutt had researches something online. He shows the rest of the brigade that there is going to be a spring festival at Tucson/Lazydays KOA in Tucson, Arizona and everyone else in the brigade agreed to go there.

The BHB gets packed up and ready and gets on their bus. Brilliant Bull transforms it into a plane and he and his team took off into the sky.

It is dusk when they land into Tucson, Arizona. Brilliant Bull transforms the plane into an RV when they land on the road. The brigade makes it to the resort and checks in. Luckily, it is on the house for them.

So all the superheroes set up their tents. Courageous Cow and Brilliant Bull set up a campfire and it is ready for everyone to cook their dinner, including some plant-based meats. After dinner, they toast marshmallows and use them to make s'mores with.

Soon, all the members of the Barnyard Hero Brigade get ready for bed. All the married couples of the group sleep beside each other in their sleeping bags inside their tents. Little are they aware that a mysterious silhouette is secretly spying on them and then he or she sneaks out of sight.

When morning comes, Rapid Rooster gets up, stretches and yawns first and he quickly runs outside and crows to wake everyone else up. Everyone else gets up, gets dressed, and has their breakfast. Soon, after they finish, they wash their faces, brush and floss their teeth, and wash and rinse their mouths.

When they make it to the spring festival, they see that there is going to be a flavored honey contest and anyone could participate in being the judges for the contest. Courageous Cow suggests that she and the rest of the Barnyard Hero Brigade could be the judges and they all agree. Just then, they meet a donkey named Tenderball who also agrees to have them as the judges for the flavored honey contest.

When the contest begins, the heroes begin to judge by tasting various flavors of honey. Everyone in the crowd is nervous to know which flavor would win except the mysterious silhouette who turned out to be none other than a slick man named Sylvester Leroy Nichols, better known as "Sly Rotter." A flavor of honey he expects to win is meat honey, which is what he came up with, but the green apple honey won instead, which disappointed Sly Rotter. Then, he makes a plan to show those barnyard heroes.

Soon, after the Barnyard Hero Brigade is finished hanging around at the festival, they fly away. Later that afternoon, back at the campgrounds, the brigade watches their favorite game show, "What’s the Solution?” on their portable TV until the channel changes automatically to show an announcer bringing up a serious news bulletin about Sly Rotter constantly using a device that he invented and tested it to turn a cactus into a pepperoni cactus in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and he ate a bite of it. So his device could turn anyone and anything into meat, which is what he is a lot of various things in Phoenix, Arizona into. He could even eat any of the meat that some of these things are being turned into and the announcer is turned into meat by the device, too. The meat he is turned into is a T-bone steak. The brigade flies away to Phoenix.

Meanwhile, back in Phoenix, Sly Rotter continues turning various things into meat with his device. The Barnyard Hero Brigade flies in front of him. Sly aims his device at the superheroes and tries to turn the Barnyard Hero Brigade into meat, but they dodge and make him miss. They even have such a big fight. Sly gets very ticked off that he could kick any one of the heroes. When Mystery Mutt approaches him, he kicks him in the belly so hard and zaps his device at him. Mystery Mutt goes flying until he bumps into a lamppost and falls onto the sidewalk feeling knocked out. Sly laughs sinisterly and the rest of the Barnyard Hero Brigade gasps in horror.

When Mystery Mutt becomes conscious, he looks at his left ear. It has been turned into a bacon ear by Sly's device. Mystery Mutt gets so furious and he flies behind Sly and bites him in the rear end. He even attacks Sly roughly and aggressively. Then, Mystery Mutt kicks Sly Rotter right back and the rest of the brigade ropes him and ties him up. As punishment, Brilliant Bull uses Sly Rotter’s device to turn him into meat.

So Brilliant Bull sets the device to undo and the barnyard heroes turn everything that was turned into meat back to what they previously were, especially Mystery Mutt’s left ear. They also turn the TV announcer back to his original form. To have a celebration for what the heroes did, they have an evening campground barbecue with everyone in public at Tucson/Lazydays KOA. They even grill plant-based burger patties, hot dogs and sausages. Tenderball was there, too. When a man looks at a hot dog on a personal paper plate, he notices that there is something unusual about it, which is some hair that looks like facial hair on it. The hot dog with hair is Sly Rotter who the Barnyard Hero Brigade turned him into. They have known about the hair on that hot dog all the time and they laugh about it because they find it funny.


  • Some part of that title is a pun of "meet our match."
  • This is similar to the What a Cartoon! short, Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins, which is the first pilot to The Powerpuff Girls.

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