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Tuberculosis Title Card and Screenshots
Film information
Directed by: Jim Algar
Produced by: Walt Disney
Written by: Jim Algar
Glen Scott
Starring: Art Baker (narration)
Jimmy Macdonald
Violet Bayerl (coughs)
Music by: Paul Smith
Studio: Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by: Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs
Release Date(s): August 13, 1945
Language: English

Tuberculosis is a 1945 Disney animated short film. It was sponsored by Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs.


The short focuses on the effects of a potentially serious infectious bacterial disease that mainly affects the lungs.


  • Production 2754
  • Director: Jim Algar
  • Music: Paul Smith
  • Story: Jim Algar, Glen Scott
  • Additional story: Retta Scott, Don Griffith
  • Voices: Art Baker (narration), Jimmy Macdonald, Violet Bayerl (coughs)
  • Layout: Don Griffith, John Niendorff
  • Animation: Josh Meador (diagram man; leaves; cloud casts shadows; Mr. and Mrs. Brown at home, doctor examines Mrs. Brown; two men on chart; TB germs blowing in wind); Jack Boyd (pages turning in book; sick man spits); Ed Aardal (TB eats away lungs; germs passed from man’s lungs to woman’s lungs; X-ray scenes; germs enter the friend’s lungs; boiling water; washing hands; special drinking cup); John Reed (candle; Mrs. Brown coughs, walks out of scene and goes home; Mr. and Mrs. Brown go to doctor; Mr. Brown in garden); Sandy Strother (Mr. and Mrs. Brown watch doctor at blackboard; family in beds with woman coughing; washing dishes; dishes set apart; milk in kettle for boiling; cross-section of boiling pot)
  • Backgrounds: Retta Scott
  • Titles: Warren Williams
  • Assistant director: Toby Tobelmann
  • Working titles: Sunshine—the Plague Killer; The Disease that Lives in Darkness; The White Plague