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The upcoming Disney Chanel exclusive film of 2016 will feature stories of young teens going through emotional states and misunderstanding. The movie will be a monumental film for Disney Channel because it is the first exclusive to feature a young teen (13-15) for the Australian film industry.

Main Story Plot[]

Not much has been revealed about the 2016 title. The movie takes place in Miami USA, in a public high school. Michael (Gianni Bergamin) finds his girlfriend (Rowan Blanchard) with another boy late after school. This appears to be some sort of misunderstanding in the leaked information and it appears to be a drama comedy.

Acting Roles []

Michael - Gianni Bergamin

Girlfriend - Rowan Blanchard

Other boy - Unknown (rumoured to be Fletcher Quimby)

Location and Dates []

The film will be shot in Miami, Florida USA, with its sets located in the nearest studio (to Miami). The release date is somewhat unknown except for the fact that it will be released in 2016. The date is rumoured to be released in late 2016 (October-Novermber) and the filming starts in Miami, late July 2015.\

Australia and Disney Chanel[]

The Disney Channel has made an effort to expand their casting roles include other from outside of USA. Recently the Disney Channel was sent to recruite actors in South Australia, Australia and gathered certain teens who had never been in an acting role before. They emerged with the newest member of the Disney Family Gianni Bergamin from Adelaide. Not much is known about the actor at the current time but we are exited to learn more about him, in the coming months.