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"What's Up, Stox?" is the thirteenth and final episode from The Wuzzles

Disney's The Wuzzles - Episode Title Card - What's Up, Stox


After visiting the new neighbor, zillionaire Tycoon (part tiger, part raccoon), the Wuzzles are given a money tree, which they obsess over. Crock plans to obtain it for himself.


It's that time again for the annual Funtime Fall Festival. Unfortunately, the Wuzzles don't have enough money to buy the costumes they want. After failing to make some money for the costumes, they meet a new resident of Wuz, Tycoon. Does money ever grow on trees? Well, yes! Tycoon has a money tree and a spare seedling that he offers to the Wuzzles for all their good stuff.

Unfortunately, when the seed gets planted, every Wuzzle can't wait for their turn and starts pruning money from the tree until it's bare. Crock manages to find out that Tycoon has a money tree and steals it. Soon after, Tycoon offers to give back all the Wuzzles' stuff to help him get back his money tree. The attempt to get the money tree fails and the Wuzzles learn that they were being just as greedy as Crock and that snorses do not sit on whoopee cushions.