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Feature films
Television programs Jungle Cubs
Video games
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jim Cummings
Performance model
Inspiration Thuu from the stories by Rudyard Kipling

Nag from the stories by Rudyard Kipling

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Character information
Full name
Other names Overgrown earthworm, Big shot
Personality Malicious, mean, vile, evil, rough, tough, harsh, malevolent, cruel, and hard-tempered
Appearance Giant gray cobra with yellow eyes
Occupation Treasure guardian
Goal To guard the treasure of the Middle Jungle from Man and the Cubs
Home Middle Jungle temple
Enemies Prince Louie, Kaa, Shere Khan, Baloo, and the Shrew
Likes Meals and treasure
Dislikes Being insulted, mocked, and told off by the shrew, the truth about himself revealed, someone trying to steal the treasure, and trespassers
Powers and abilities His strength
Weapons Fangs and teeth
Fate Regretfully reveals the rest of the truth about himself to the cubs after the Shrew insults, mocks, and tells him off and reveals the first half of the truth about himself.
Quote "You little fools! You want to see treasure? Look around you!"
"Foolish cubs! Have you not realized that a treasure worth the whole jungle to one might be utterly worthless to another?! This is Man treasure! And it is Man I guard it from!"
"On the other hand, a meal is a meal."

Whitehood is the main antagonist of the Jungle Cubs episode, "Treasure of the Middle Jungle". According to legend as told by Bagheera, he is a giant poisonous cobra who guards the treasure of the Middle Jungle's temple from Man and other sort of trespassers.

Role in the episode[]

When Prince Louie is separated from Baloo, Shere Khan, and Kaa when looking for the treasure of the Middle Jungle, Whitehood appears and captures him.

Later, after spotting the rest of the cubs, who are looking for Louie, Whitehood appears again, which causes the cubs to run and climb on top of a pillar where Whitehood surrounds them and then uses the pillar to trap them in the treasure room with Louie as well.

In the treasure room, Whitehood enters and corners the cubs as he states that he's been feeding on trespassers for decades. When the cubs explain to him that they only came for the treasure since they don't consider all the jewels, diamonds, and gold coins lying around them as treasure and remain oblivious to the fact, Whitehood laughs at this and explains to them that the treasure is all that is around them; much to their disappointment since they had hoped that the treasure was actually everything and anything anyone ever wanted. Then, Whitehood makes them realize that "a treasure worth the whole jungle to one might be utterly worthless to another", that this is Man treasure, and it is Man he guards it from.

When it looks like the end of the cubs as Whitehood sets to eat them, a shrew (the one who told Kaa about the treasure in the first place) appears out of nowhere and begins to mock and tell him off. Try as much as he can to silence her, make her leave him alone, and probably eat her, the shrew continues on mocking Whitehood until she reveals to everyone that he is not as poisonous or as young as he used to be, which eventually leads to Whitehood finally and regretfully confessing to the cubs that his poison actually dried up long before their births, his fangs are "just a memory", and his defeat at the end. Thus, explaining the reason why Whitehood was "killing time rather than killing the cubs" the whole time.


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